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SERVICES Tilt-Up Panel Repair

Durable Surfaces perform concrete wall repair in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania for various defects, cracks and damaged concrete Tilt Panels. Durable Surfaces prides itself in its ability to repair Tilt Panels and some of the common problems with them. Corner cracks and cracking are repaired utilizing structural Epoxy Injection. Broken corners and edges of Tilt-up Panels are repaired by our proprietary system utilizing anchors into existing concrete and carefully placed cementitious repair materials from Rapid Set and Sika. Once the Tilt Panel is repaired the Tilt Panel can be repainted. Cracks that are allowing water infiltration are repaired with a hydrophilic polyurethane injection. Broken pieces of Tilt panel in and around entrance doors, etc. can also be repaired with our crack sealer and filler service.