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Staff Bios

Durable Surfaces Team

The leadership team of Durable Surfaces has an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise about concrete repair. We have extensive experience in the field and bring the understanding we have gained there to bear on each new challenge we face for our customers. Experience can only be earned with sweat equity; it can’t be bought. We are proud to have earned ours by working for years on behalf of customers from across the country.


Marc Williams, Sr. Project Manager



Joe Altemus, Project Manager

I am currently a project manager with Durable Surfaces LLC. I have 14 years of experience with commercial and industrial concrete repair and restoration. The majority of my time has been spent in the field as a foreman and general superintendent. I have extensive experience in all phases of concrete repair including milling, grinding, polishing, joint repair, joint filling, crack repair, staining, sealing, caulking, slab stabilization, epoxy coating, and more. These range from small jobs to very large projects. Like all employees at Durable Surfaces, I have been educated both in the field as well as in the classroom on a wide range of issues. I would be more than happy to assist you with your project.


Alex Thomas, General Superintendent

Over the past several years in the field as a foreman, I’ve had the opportunity to oversee an array of different projects, from small scale detail work to extensive restoration projects. As General Superintendent, I will work with our Project Managers and Foreman to ensure jobs are driven to be completed on time while using the proper equipment, correct procedure, and quality material to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. I have a passion for the industry and to perform at the highest grade through our teams at Durable Surfaces.


Martha Young, Office Administration

As the Office Manager at Durable Surfaces, Martha is responsible for the smooth day to day operation of the company. Some of the responsibilities include handling the billing, invoices, making sure all documentation is obtained for each specific job, notarizing certain documents, entering job information into the computer, updating files as changes occur, producing reports and keeping employee information current. Martha’s management skills will prove invaluable in providing a structured environment.