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SERVICES Slab Stabilization

Slab stabilization becomes necessary due to movement normally caused by slab curl and rocking. Sub grade failures under the slab can also cause slab rocking. These sub grade failures can be caused by a variety of issues from poor subgrade compaction to overall poor workmanship. These issues can and will at times  produce voids. Void filling is the process by which we pump, under pressure, our proprietary mix of no-shrink grout under the slab. Our process reestablishes a solid and firm base that completely supports the slab. Our proprietary grout mixture has been lab tested and provides 180 lbs. per square inch of support. A series of holes, in a uniform pattern, are drilled through the slab and then the voids under the slab are  filled under pressure. Voids and gaps in the sub grade are not merely “piered” with our grout; the voids, gaps, and inadequate subgrades are filled completely and permanently. The holes that are drilled during the process to access the voids are then filled with a non-shrink grout and finished to be absolutely flush and level with the existing floor surface. Once the grouting procedure is completed the industrial /commercial floor can be put back in service immediately.

Polyurethane Slab Stabilization

Durable Surfaces also performs Polyurethane slab stabilization. A series of small (3/8) inch holes are drilled uniformly around the moving /rocking slabs. Durable Surfaces then pumps the Polyurethane to fill the voids and holes with a expansive Polyurethane. Only the Industries best and leading materials are utilized.