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SERVICES Joint Fill & Repair

Joint filling is a process by which the shrinkage, construction, and isolation joints are filled. The majority of the joints in an industrial floor will consist of shrinkage, construction, and isolation in that order. It is imperative for the continued integrity of the floor to receive concrete expansion joint filler services from a repair contractor, whether in Philadelphia proper or anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Joint filling provides a two-fold purpose: protection and support. Protection is for the leading edge of the joint when perpendicular hard tire impact is applied to the joint from forklift use or other wheeled traffic. Support is provided when the joint fill is installed to a full depth within the joint thereby transferring the load momentarily to the shelf that has been established with the formation of the joint itself. A joint that is not filled, or is filled improperly, or is maintained improperly by a repair contractor will spall, deteriorate, and cause a vast array of operational difficulties within a facility.

Contrary to industry and property owner belief, joint filling is not a once and done installation. For businesses across Pennsylvania and in the Philadelphia area, a concrete expansion joint filler needs to be applied at least twice during the floor’s service life and maintained throughout the service life of the facility. The first application needs to be delayed as long as possible after the initial place and finish. The second maintenance installation from a repair contractor needs to be undertaken approximately 2-3 years after the initial place and finish of the desired joint fill material.

Joint repair comes in a variety of forms and functions (shrinkage, construction, and isolation). Our joint repair process involves the complete and permanent repair of the spalled or deteriorated joints. Once our concrete expansion joint filler service is completed for your business in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or across the US, immediate industrial use can resume. We use only the most advanced materials and procedures in our repair processes. Once the repair is completed a new saw-cut will be introduced and the saw-cut will be filled with a leading brand joint filler.