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SERVICES F/f, F/l and F/Min Testing

Concrete floor testing for ASTM standards encompassing flatness (F/f), levelness (F/l), and minimums (F/Min) are available through Durable Surfaces. These established industry testing methods provide statistical and graphical information that objectively establish surface profiles of concrete floor flatness and levelness for businesses in Philadelphia as well as across Pennsylvania and the United States. The tests deliver a quantitative method of measuring floor surface profiles utilizing Face Floor Profile Numbers (F-Numbers).

Results of these test methods are used primarily to:

1.)  Establish compliance of randomly trafficked floor surfaces with specified FF Face Flatness and FL Face Levelness tolerances.

2.)  Evaluate the effect of different construction methods and finishes on the resulting concrete floor’s flatness and levelness.

3.)  Examine the curling and deflection of floor surfaces.

F/f and F/l testing and measurements should not be used to determine contract flatness and levelness tolerances on floors primarily intended to support the operation of fixed-path travel such as Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) warehouse floors.

Our FMIN testing is utilized for this. FMIN testing establishes what your current FMIN numbers are on a slab. Durable Surfaces will help you achieve the recommended FMIN numbers through testing and slab remediation in the deficient areas. Whether you are looking for a FMIN 100+ slab or a FMIN 50+ Durable Surfaces can not only test your aisles but Durable Surfaces can also remediate any deficiencies associated with you slab. Whether the slab is newly placed or if you are fitting out an area of an existing warehouse Durable can test and remediate the slab. As with any testing. Reports are also certified and submitted to the interested parties to assure compliance to the established needs of the customer.

Durable Surfaces representatives are always available to come to your site and objectively and quantifiably analyze your concrete floor’s flatness and levelness, whether you’re in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or Los Angeles, California.  If your floor is in need of F/f or F/L remediation, or F/Min remediation for VNA racking, Durable Surfaces can help you achieve your target numbers.  We offer small and large scale testing, as well as grinding/milling/polishing services for industrial and commercial clients.