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SERVICES Concrete Slab Repair

Concrete Slab Repair Service РResurfacing & Restoration

Utilizing state of the art dustless concrete planetary grinders, shavers, and high-tech testing equipment, our grinding and finishing processes can be used to correct a variety of adverse floor conditions. Concrete slab repair service in Philadelphia or across Pennsylvania takes a floor from a severely distressed slab and restores it back to a useful, serviceable, leasable floor. Durable Surfaces will repair any and all damaged concrete associated with the slab. Then we will perform our polishing procedure.

When concrete slab repair service is completed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, or across the US, the floor/slab is left with a polished and sealed surface that will provide and effective service life lasting for years. Our polishing procedure takes a subpar, uneven, or damaged floor and restores a beautiful polished luster to the slab. We can either polish small areas to match already existing floor conditions or we can polish the whole floor to an effective 800, 1500, or even 3000 grit polish. (Level 2,3, or 4).